Periodic Inspections – i.e. for mortgage companies, if buying or selling property. For insurance companies – When buying or selling a property, these companies may ask that the electrical installations of the property be tested.

We can carry out these inspections, and will provide the company with a certificate with details of the condition of the installation at hand.
We will bring to your attention any urgent recommendations, and give you an estimate of the cost to bring the installation up to the current IEE regulations.

Minor Works – Any additional sockets or lighting points added to an existing circuit, must have a 'minor works certificate' issued upon completion.

Installation certificates – upon completion of the installation of new circuits, an 'installation certificate' must be issued.

Portable Testing – This is required for employees of landlords, and requires that all portable appliances, i.e. kettles, radios, computers, etc. Are in a safe condition to use and this form of testing must be carried out annually. This process includes alarms and lights.

All of the certificates mentioned, are legally allowed to be issued by RCelectrics Ltd, being capable of issuing these certificates is how to tell the top quality electricians.

At RCelectrics Ltd we aim to give customer satisfaction and top quality electrical engineering as our number one priority.